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Welcome to the Goddess Lounge & Apothecary: a spiritual digital space for the lifestyler where you can come to learn, manifest and maintain your desired lifestyle. With lounge services and apothecary products available, LS’ers will learn to walk your manifesting journey via 1-on-1 sessions with me including spiritual readings, monthly private coaching, pre-recorded tutorials and a variety of workshops and events. The Goddess Lounge & Apothecary is intended to be fun, engaging and a producer of educational content and a variety of other tools to aid practitioners and strengthen your magickal skills. Goddess Lounge & Apothecary will be a resource for fellow lifestylers, lightworkers and spiritual practitioners at all stages in your spiritual journey.

Who is Eboni Joi???

H.G.I.C. (Head Goddess in Charge)

Eboni Joi has been using her empathic and psychic gifts for the majority of her life. Her strong desire to be a lightworker and only spread love and light drew her closer and closer to the practice of magick. After many years of naturally guiding others in matters of love and life while blossoming into her own womanhood, Eboni fully embraced her sexual identity as pansexual, found her tribe as a polyamorous woman; being active in the Lifestyle community and immediately saw her purpose: serving the LS community as a Spiritual Life Coach.

 Eboni Joi has always had an affinity for the spiritual tools of the occult; offering Oracle card readings to friends and family at a young age. Years later, taking it to the next level professionally and giving that same energy to those in the LS community, Eboni truly enjoys sharing her intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and life coaching with her tribe. Through teaching lessons on mindset management and the craft of manifestation with a focus on love and money, Eboni Joi is overjoyed to bring the clarity that has always comforted her to her clients lives.

Love & Light,

Goddess Eboni Joi

Goddess On-the-Go

Featured Testimonial

Brandi Nicole 
Brandi Nicole Salon Studios 
90 Day  Premium Manifestation Client

Let me tell y’all something about this woman named Eboni Joi!! Long post but worth it....wanna hear it here it go So we have been working together on my altar and my petitions for my salon and my business. We decided to do 3 months so that we could really tell the difference. March- May.

In March, Eb got everything I needed. I didn’t have to do anything but show her where I wanted my altar to go. She gave me two dressed candles (road opener and money). One to open myself to new opportunities and walk through and the other to take my finances to another level. Over the next 2 months i noticed that I immediately starting getting booked up quickly! More than usual. And not only me but someone close to me got unexpected monies on my birthday (March 12) which was a blessing for them and me 😜 lol. No but seriously, I could really tell the increase in my income. I was also gaining financial guidance and literacy about the things that should be in order for my business. I was really getting stuff done and everything just started to fall in my lap.

Now, this road opener candle 🙄🙄. Lol. We did those candles back to back and both turns the road opener would not burn all the way down. Like something was in its way. Fast forward to Our last monthly session, were Eboni tells me she wanted to finish out the 3 months to see if she could tell with personally why it wasn’t burning. I tend to get in my own way about a lot of things that I am unsure about or afraid of the failure and the success. Eboni knew right away what was holding me back. ME!! She was not only my friend but my therapist, my accountability partner, my listening ear, my big sis and my spiritual advisor. She never once made me feel like I was being scolded or judged. She talked me down and showed me how to write my petitions and manifest instead of worrying and fighting myself.

I’m still working on the getting out of my own way but I just signed up for three months. I’m so excited where this journey takes us. Like I’ve told you in private I thank you for everything you do for me and I’m so glad you came in my life. You mean a lot to me and I’m grateful for you Eb!