Spiritual Coaching

Vetting: Vetting is where we get to know each other and discuss your spiritual needs and decide if working together is a good fit for us both

  • 45 minutes that includes 10 minute reading
  • Helpful for those who are new to this and unsure where to start or what you may need
  • Fee to be deducted from total of spiritual coaching packages if booked within 7 days of vetting appointment

Intuitive Oracle/Angel Card Readings: 30 & 60 minute readings are for those who have specific questions in regard to your life and current path, esoteric or exoteric, and insight on how to proceed after being provided the necessary insight to address your concerns.

  • 30 minute is standard for a general energy reading of where you are and what immediate messages are being sent to you
  • 60 minute readings are a snapshot of what it will be like to work with me monthly. Multiple decks used and time for you to ask specific questions and get greater insight on other areas of concern

30Day Coaching: Everyone’s desires are different as is the best way to manifest them. This monthly package is for you if you want a customized approach to helping you manifest your more immediate desires.

  • Vetting consult
  • Weekly energy reading (1 card pull)
  • Two specially curated spiritual coaching sessions 
           -Typically scheduled bi-weekly
           -30 minute intuitive reading
  • Bi-weekly check ins

90Day Coaching + Manifestation Tracking: Consistency is key when it comes to manifesting ones desires. The 90 day program will allow us to create consistency in your magickal practices with the added bonus of actively tracking and quantifying your magick. Package includes everything from the 30 day, PLUS:

  • Vetting consult
  • Weekly energy reading (3 card pull)
  • Two specially curated spiritual coaching sessions per 30 days
              -6 sessions in total
  • One 30 minute intuitive reading per 30 days
              -3 readings total

Altar Creation

  • Vetting consult
  • Creation and personal shopping for altar supplies
  • One customized GL&A dressed & blessed goddess candle
  • Petition writing guidance
  • General guidance & advice on how to proceed for success with your magick and altar work
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7Day Ritual + Goddess Candle

  • Vetting consult
  • Customized petition created based on your manifesting goals
  • One customized candle blessed, dressed and infused with powerful intention on your behalf 
              -Additional cost for multiple candles
  • Daily meditation with candle
  • Regular updates on ritual progress
  • Magickal candle work done for you:
              -Road Opener
              -Love & Attraction
                     +Love spells to be discussed in detail during vetting and                        performed at Goddess Eboni's discretion ONLY
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Shikwe Zimba

Private Coaching Client

What an insightful and excellent journey with Eboni Joi it has been so far! She and I met over 1.5 years ago at a difficult transitional stage of my life. With her guidance and counsel, I can truly say I am more in tune with my spiritual gifts and I have developed an attitude of gratitude. From setting up my altar to manifesting and everything in between, Eboni Joi has been there with me for every step. She is not only an advisor but she is also a friend who genuinely cares about me. Thank you for all you do and for especially for patiently dealing with my crazy!